How to Sharpen A Saw Blade Properly At Home

You own a portable circular saw and your saw blade is having problems, the ability to cut is poor, affecting the quality of your work, it’s time to clean or sharpen the blade. !

If you do not know how to do it, please follow the article below.

Sharpening saw blade properly

Most current saw blades have an alloy part at the tip of the saw, which is a good decision to a sweet and smooth saw line that limits vibration when the saw is operating if this alloy is worn or has definitely gone when you need to sharpen it.

The main reason for the saw blades to be worn is because they have been in operation for a long time, you use them continuously on the same wood, you use them for unsanitary sawdust in the slots leading to chip and heat release. When the saw blade is worn, which also leads to the machine vibrating, the chip exit slots are clogged and the saw blade jam which affects the ability to cut the saw as a natural path.

Cases where you should proceed to sharpen the saw blade:

  • Tongue worn, blunt
  • Blade out of alloy
  • A chipped tongue

Instructions for grinding saw blades

The way to sharpen the blade is very simple, you need to equip a hand-held angle grinder to easily and effectively sharpen the blade of the saw blade.

Step 1: Observe the specifications on the saw blade about the angle of the saws, the type of alloy to find the right way of grinding or choose the appropriate grinding speed, disc

Step 2: Using an angle grinder, grind the edges along the edge of the saw tooth, remember to add water to the grinding wheel to get more efficiency.

Step 3: Conduct grinding each saw to the end

Instructions for cleaning the saw blade

Cleaning the saw blade is the job you need to perform regularly before and after each sawing wood, iron, steel … to ensure an accurate and beautiful cut, making the chip slots more effective for the time. use later. When you conduct a saw on wood if you see black spots on the wood, you need to stop the operation to conduct the cleaning.

In addition to the naked eye you can see between the saws, the sawteeth often saw sawdust after each working, it is very small but greatly affects the sharpness of the tongue. In the two cases above the way you clean the most appropriate is:

Turn off the power in the hand-held saw, you can leave the blade on the machine or remove it depending on the ability and habits of use. Next, you use a toothbrush and alcohol to clean each saw, always taking care to follow the slope of the saw blade to quickly clean more effectively, ensuring your safety.

There may be times when your work is too urgent, you can dip a soft cloth in alcohol and wipe it down, but remember to wear protective gloves and only technical users or those familiar with the saw will have it. can do it this way. If not, it is easy to get unintended problems.

How to effectively maintain the saw

To minimize the sharpening of the saw blade or to replace the saw blade, you should clean after each use, select the saw mode, and the saw speed to suit the surface of each material, check for obstructions on the object. whether or not ….. At the same time when working, you remember to choose the right kind of saw blade, specialized saw blades should not be used to saw iron and vice versa. Protection Status